Need a quick and inexpensive way to drive some WS281x pixels? Want a small stand alone pixel controller for your project but don’t want to figure out the code needed for some effects? Want a web controlled LED driver for your next costume? Then the VHS WLED Controller kit is for you!!

WLED is extremely powerful LED pixel controller software that supports a multitude of options. You can run it as a stand alone effects and animation controller (supporting a huge selection of effects) or have it controlled via a wide range of of options (from E1.31, MQTT, Blynk, etc).  This controller is perfect to add LED affects to your costume, prop or art project. I have used it in several of my art projects, ranging from a handful of LED pixels to several hundred….

This controller kit includes a ESPixelPOPs kit (consists of a PCB and all required parts) with the ESP8266 based ESP ESP-01 module preloaded with the WLED firmware. This combination gives you a very compact pixel controller with the full features of WLED (except for the OTA update feature) as the ESP-01 doesn’t have a large enough FLASH for the full image. The controller can support a wide range of WS281x style pixels (WS2811, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815, SK6812, TM1814) and can be built for either 5V or 12V pixels. These LED pixels are available in a wide range of styles and form factors to suite your project. The ESPixelPOP based WLED can control over 500 pixels!!

Here is a comprehensive PDF build guide for the kit with some additional information on setting up WLED for effects in props and art projects:

VHS ESPixelPOP WLED Kit Guide Jan 2023

And here is the  slide presentation for the workshop:

VHS Pixels & WLED Jan 2023

These are some of the projects currently located at the VHS in which I use the WLED ESPixelPOP controller: