VHS Pixel Goggle Kit

Link to VHS Posting

The VHS Pixel Goggle kit consists of all the parts required to build a Steampunk style goggles with WS2812 based Pixel Rings to create colorful animations. The pixels are driven with a ATTINY85 based Digispark clone controller. While the controller has limited RAM and FLASH it does have a very small size to allow fitting inside the goggles. This kit is based on the Adafruit trinket based project described here. Due to safety reasons I have not included a LiPo battery but instead supplied a small battery box using AAA cells. Not near as compact but most people put these goggles on a hat where there should be room for batteries. 

Originally my intent was to offer in person workshops for these kits but with COVID that is  not really possible. Here is a PDF build guide that will help you put it all together:

VHS Pixel Goggle Kit Guide v1.29.2021

Here is a video of the finished product:

If you want more examples of how to build the googles check out these links:


In the event you get tired of the basic LED animations from the Adafruit example code and don`t have the skills to create your own code, here are some links to other code that will work:









These are all code examples that will run on the ATTINY85 based Digispark controller that comes with the kit. You can find a host of other examples if you want to use a larger Arduino like the NANO or UNO or one of the various ESP8266 boards. 

Another option would be to use WLED (running on a ESP8266 based controller like the ESPIxelPOP and then run it in AP mode. You could connect to it using the WLED app on a phone (or any device with Wi-Fi) and control the effects while you walk around…

If you are having issues with programming the Digispark module you may find this video helpful: