VHS IoT Sensor Kit

The VHS IoT Sensor kit consists of all the parts and code examples to get you started with basic remote sensing data and visualizing it using an IoT service.

We will be using the free Adafruit IO service that you can learn about here. The kit uses a ESP8266 based NodeMCU controller to push temperature data to the Adafruit IO service from any location that you can access a Wi-Fi connection. Using the Adafruit IO dashboard you can display, track and visualize you data in many different ways. You can also use triggers to notify you of changes.

The kit includes a NodeMCU Wi-Fi enabled controller, a base to hold the NodeMCU that breaks out the various pins, a DS18B20 1-Wire sensor (with stainless probe on a 1 meter cable) that is already soldered to a connector and some rubber bumpers to keep it all from sliding off your desk.

You will need a PC with the Arduino IDE and a Micro USB cable to setup and configure it. After that you can power it from any USB phone charger or even a USB power pack.

Here is a PDF build guide for the kit:

VHS IoT Sensor Kit Guide v2.5.2021

Here is the code for the kit: