This page last updated Jan 8, 2023

This section have links to sites, book and other resources I have found helpful for DIY animatronics, LED lighting, electronics and various other geeky topics.

Web Sites

Great spreadsheet with information on addressable RGB LEDs. Covers the LEDs, controllers, software, connectors, etc…

Here are some Christmas Lighting sites:

These are the defacto Halloween decoration and prop websites:

The Stan Winston School Of Character Arts has lots of animatronic and movie effects related content. The videos are a bit pricey if you take watch them individually but a years access is $360 US (sometimes goes on sale) and you can watch all of them as many times as you want. Extremely reasonable for the content you get.

The Poormans Guide To Animatronics has a huge blog with lots of examples and pictures of various animatronic projects:

Facebook Sites

There don’t seem to be many DIY animatronic web sites around but there are a few pretty active Facebook sites. All of them are private, to help keep down the spam, so you have to request access. These groups are well worth it to find DIY animatronic info:

DIY Animatronics Group –

Animatronic Builders –

DIY Halloween Animatronics –


YouTube Channels

Andreas Spiess has videos on many RF related topics.

Sam Battle has a ton of synth and MIDI projects and runs a museum in the UK that houses a boatload of interesting stuff.

Dave Plummer is a retired M$ employee (beginning in the Win3.1 days) and his videos cover a lot of early personal computer development.

Mike Harrison does LED art installations and has videos detailing how he designs and builds controllers for them. He also loves to take stuff apart and has an interesting web site.

Brian Lincoln has lost of videos detailing his many animatronic projects.

Tim Hunkin has built many interactive art installations and has a great video series on all sorts of components he uses.

Steve Koci (who sadly passed away in 2021) has all sorts of videos on DIY animatronics.

Cine-Lights has many examples of LED projects.

How can you not like Big Clive!!



The Ultimate Guide To Do It Yourself Animatronics

Steve Koci    ISBN: 9781732958203

Great book that covers a huge range of animatronic projects, second link is to a page that has all the web links in the book.


Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers

Dan O’Sullivan and Tom Igoe    ISBN: 9781592003464

Covers a wide range of interactive art topics and uC project control. 

Making Things Move: DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists and Artists

Dustin Roberts    ISBN: 9780071741674

Lots of information on using all sorts of mechanisms and motors in projects. 

Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation

Tony Kuphaldt

This is a free textbook along with links to many other Instrumentation resources.