This page last updated Jan 15, 2023

DLA ( was a site dedicated to DIY lighting control that started back in the early 2000`s and had quite a few DIY lighting controllers. While the site has not been active for a number of years, there are still lots of people using these controllers.  As DLA plans to  shut down in Feb 2023, I have archived the available  information (firmware, BOM, build guides, etc) for a number of DLA based projects that I have built (and still use) and thought I`d post them for anyone else that needs the information. These are zip files with stand alone archives of the web pages and any other relevant files for each project.

Aeon – LED based clock with battery backed RTC

Bobcat DMX Servo –  DMX controller with 8 server and 8 constant current LED channels

Bobcat DMX – Handheld DMX tester

Lynx – DMX  RGB flood light

Lynx DMX – USB DMX adapter

Lynx Express AC – DMX 16 channel AC dimmer

MR16 DC – DMX 16 channel DC dimmer

Panther DMX – Stand alone DMX player

SSR4 AC– DMX 4 channel AC dimmer

Equipment WIKI – – Info on all the DLA hardware projects – Info on DLA hardware manual DMX channel programming