If you are playing with addressable RGB LEDs then you know there is a daunting array of pixel types, controller types, protocols, etc. that can get very confusing. Someone (and I can`t seem to confirm who) maintains a Google Sheet that is a wealth of such information. Called the Awesome LED List you can find it here:


If the link above doesn’t work (it seems to be down right now 10/26/2022) you can also find it here: 


And in the event it disappears (right now 2 of the 3 links listed in the document no longer work) I have a local version (dated Oct 26, 2022) that you can download:

Addressable LED Controllers, Drivers, and Related Products & Projects_10_26_2022


I don’t think there is a better resource of addressable pixel type LED information anywhere…

On a much smaller scale I do have a small presentation on using addressable LEDs that you can find here:


You might find it helpful also..